Bulk Ticket Procedures

Orders: In September, The NSC website provides information about bulk ticket prices and policies for the upcoming ski season. The bulk ticket order deadline is October 1st – no exceptions.

Bulk tickets must be paid for by a check made payable to NSC. Cash is not accepted. Separate forms and checks are required for specific ski resorts; please refer to the bulk ticket order form for this information. The bulk ticket order form has the names, email addresses and mailing addresses of those club representatives that have volunteered to help with the bulk ticket orders this year and they can help with any questions you may have.

If you cannot make a NSC meeting in late September, you are responsible for completing the bulk ticket order form and sending it with payment before the October 1st deadline to the appropriate NSC representative (Do Not send to clubs P.O. Box).

Ticket Pick-up: Please plan to pick up your bulk ticket order at the NSC Open House in November or at an NSC meeting in early December. If you know you cannot make the Open House or a NSC meeting in December, you may send separate SASEs (self-addressed stamped envelopes) to the appropriate bulk ticket representative. On your SASE, please use one stamp for up to 6 bulk tickets, two stamps for 7 – 14 bulk tickets and three stamps for more tickets. NSC is not responsible for bulk tickets lost in the mail and encourage members to send extra monies for insurance when purchasing lager amounts of tickets.

Returns: If you have unused bulk tickets at the end of the ski season that you purchased from NSC, you may return them for credit towards bulk tickets at the same ski resort when you order bulk tickets for the next ski season.

By no later than April 30th, please return any unused bulk tickets to the appropriate same representative(s). If bulk tickets are not returned by this date, credit will not be given towards next year’s bulk ticket orders. No cash refunds and no exceptions.

Please DO NOT send bulk ticket orders or returns to the NSC P.O. Box, because your orders or returns may not be received on time.

Important: Each resort will only accept a small percentage of unused vouchers at the end of the ski season for credit towards next season’s purchase. If too many vouchers are returned, the credits will be less than 100%. If the Club encounters a high percentage of returns, we may limit returns per household in the future. In general, most ski resorts will not allow more than a 15-20% return of tickets each year. By ordering bulk ticket vouchers, you agree to this policy.

Updated: 9/2014