NSC Constitution

Article I Name
The name of this Club shall be the Newington Ski Club, Inc. (hereinafter called the Club).
Article II Objectives
1. To promote an interest in recreational and competitive skiing.
2. To improve the skiing of the members of the Club.
3. To promote ski safety.
4. To promote good fellowship among the Club members.
Article III Membership
Section 1 Membership will consist of persons eighteen years of age or older.
Section 2 Applications for membership shall be by sponsorship of members of the Club and shall be submitted to the Board of Directors. Election to membership shall be by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors.
Section 3 Honorary Membership may be conferred upon non-members of the Club by the Board of Directors as recognition and appreciation of gratuitous services rendered by them to the Club.
Section 4 Junior Membership may consist of children or grandchildren of active members who have not attained the age of 18 year as of December 31st. Other junior members shall be by invitation of the Board only. This Junior Membership shall not carry with it any voting privileges.
Section 5 All active members, after 25 years of paid membership, shall be made life-time members with all rights and privileges of the Club.
Article IV Dues
Section 1 The annual dues for membership in the Club shall be in such reasonable amount as the Board of Directors may, from time to time, determine.
Section 2 The Board of Directors shall, each year decide when dues shall be paid. Such decision shall be announced to the members at least two weeks prior to the due date of such dues.
Section3 The Board of Directors shall prior to the due date of the Club Dues, determine the action to be taken against members who are delinquent in their payment of dues, provided however, that all delinquent members shall be treated in the same manner.
Article V Officers and Their Duties
Section 1 The Officers of the Club shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Section 2 Officers will consist of members of the Club who have been members for at least one full year; also, they will not hold the same office in excess of two consecutive years.
Section 3 Duties of the President
The President shall be the general executive officer of the Club and shall preside at all of the Club Meeting he or she attends.
1. The President shall be Chairperson of the Board of Directors and shall preside at all of the Board Meeting he or she attends.
2. The President shall appoint such committees as in his or her judgment will benefit to the Club and shall be exofficio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.
3. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of three members.
Section 4 Duties of the Vice-President
1. The Vice-President shall assume all duties of the President in the President’s absence or disability, and shall aid the President in his or her duties when called upon to do so.
Section 5 Duties of the Secretary
1. The Secretary shall keep complete and accurate accounts of all meetings of the Club, and all meetings of the Board of Directors.
2. The Secretary shall conduct such correspondence as the President requests.
3. The Secretary shall attend to other duties as the President considers incidental to such office.
Section 6 Duties of the Treasurer
1. The Treasurer shall be custodian of all funds of the Club and be properly bonded.
2.The Treasurer shall receive all monies due the Club.
3. The Treasurer shall sign all bank checks and distribute all funds which are not in excess of the accepted budget. He or she shall disburse funds in excess of the budget upon approval by the Board of Directors.
4. The Treasurer shall submit to the President an Annual Report which is complete and accurate record of the financial status of the Club.
5. The Treasurer shall submit a proposed budget to the President prior to the first regular scheduled meeting of the year.
Article VI The Board of Directors and Their Duties
Section 1 The Board of Directors shall be comprised of the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the preceding President, and four other members of the Club elected at the Annual Meeting of the Club.
Section 2 The Board of Directors shall meet upon the call of the President, or upon the written request of three members of the Board.
Section 3 Five member of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum.
Section 4 The Board of Directors shall direct all matters related to the management and development of the Club.
Section 5 The Board of Directors shall, by unanimous vote, have the right to expel any member or members of the Club for any reason deemed sufficient by such Board.
Section 6 The Board of Directors may appoint a successor of any officer if any member of the Board of Directors resigns, is expelled or dies.
Section 7 The Board of Directors shall have the right to request the resignation of, or to expel, any Officer or Board member who, in their opinion, is not adequately performing his or her duties. Such right may be exercised only if all of the Board of Directors, excluding the individual under consideration, votes to expel or request the resignation of any such Officer or Board member.
Article VII Meetings
Section 1 The Club’s fiscal year shall commence on the first day of July and shall end on the thirtieth day of June (July 1 through June 30)
Section 2 The Annual Meeting of the Club shall be held each year between March first (March 1) and May first (May 1). The date of such meeting shall be determined by the Board of Directors, and the members shall be notified of such meeting in writing at least one week prior to such meeting.
Section 3 The Annual Banquet shall be held after the Annual Meeting, but not later than June fifteenth (June 15), at which time the new Officers shall be installed.
Section 4 Special Meetings of the Club may be called by the President at any time he or she considers necessary. Special Meetings shall be called by the President on the written request of nine or more members of the Club.
Section 5 Ten percent (10%) of the members of the Club shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Club. The last published roster shall be used to determine membership count.
Article VIII Committees
Section 1 The President shall appoint such committees as in his or her judgment may be necessary to carry on the work of the Club, and may appoint any member to be chairperson of such committee.
Article IX Procedures
Section 1 “Robert’s Rules of Order” shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure not specifically covered by this Constitution or special rules or procedure adopted by the Club.
Article X Election
Section 1 The Nominating Committee shall submit a report placing in nomination names of officers and directors to be voted upon.
Section 2 A copy of the slate as presented shall be sent to the members of the Club at least ten days prior to the Annual Meeting with an announcement of this meeting.
Section 3 The Chair shall call for nominations from the floor before the final vote is taken.
Article XI Amendments to the Constitution
The Constitution may be amended only if a member or a group of members submits a proposed amendment to the Board of Directors, who upon approval of such amendment, present it at a meeting; previous notice of which is to be sent to all members. The amendment shall be adopted only upon the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting