NSC Meeting Minutes 3-16-17

March 16, 2017

Meeting was called to order by President Jon Putnam at 7:45pm.
Reminder to sign the book in the bar when ordering drinks.
Secretary’s Report: Last meetings minutes 2/16/17 were reviewed which was Soup, Stew and Chili night.

Treasurer’s Report: Carol Sweeney was away. Jon reported the club is in good financial standing. We went over budget on the racer reimbursement, but since we did not have the club race we saved $1400. We should be able to reimburse each racer $15 per race. Will look into giving additional donation to Skiers Unlimited to make the total contribution $1000. The members contributed $822 so we would look to give an additional $178. from Newington Ski Club. The board will figure out the budget remaining and what can be carried over with our non-profit status.

Membership: Co-Vice President Jim Carle was not able to make the meeting and Dan Petit resigned so Jon gave an update, no new member sign-ups. We have approximately 460 members to date.

On-Snow: NSC won first overall at On Snow at Loon Mt. Loon did a great job, the race courses were excellent, Saturday dinner was good and the dancing was really interesting with snowcats grooming just outside next to the dance area.

New Snow: With this week’s new snow, many of our members were up North skiing. Many members were on the Sugarloaf trip organized by John Hunter this week. Great week to be off and up North!

Tuckerman’s Ravine NSC: April 1, 2017 weather/avalanche dependent. May be a last minute decision, Contact Jon Putnam for information.

Spring Banquet: Dakotas, Rocky Hill, Friday April 28, 2017, 6:30 Cocktails, 7:00 Dinner. $30 Members, $35 Guests. Looking for donations for raffle- New item or gift certificate. Contact Carol Sweeney.

New Business:
Golf Tournament is booked same place as last year, Timberlin Golf Course, Berlin.
A nominating committee will work on next year’s slate of officers. Jon and Lisa agreed to stay on another year.

Jon suggested having a sticker made up with NSC and website address for helmets.

Race in the Park is May 13th, see Barbra Metzen for a donation or to sign up and walk.
March of Dimes is April 30.

Picnic will be scheduled on a Wednesday night in July at Ron Kapraszewski’s.

April 6th, April 20th at Polish American Club
Next Social meeting at Bertucci’s in Newington- March 23.
Meeting adjourned 8:45pm

Submitted by: Lisa Day-Co-Secretary     Marilyn Pearson-Co-Secretary