NSC Meeting Minutes 4-20-17

April 20, 2017

Last Meeting of the season was called to order by President Jon Putnam at 7:45pm.

Reminder to sign the book in the bar when ordering drinks.

Secretary’s Report: Last meetings minutes were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report: Carol Sweeney reported $11,997.88 checking, $1165 savings. Expenses pending $6050 plus outstanding checks. The Savings account will merge with the checking account; Carol will close the savings account as voted on by the Board.

Membership: Jim Carle reported-1 new member as of today. Estimated membership this year 450. Jim checked into our membership fees and we are in line with the other clubs with the same club benefits. Any ideas on how to recruit new members, contact Jim. NSC may develop a committee to work on new membership ideas and how to get info about our club to the public; brochures at the local colleges and social media. Thank you to Paul Yuskales for his good work on the website.

Bulk Tickets: Must be returned by May 1st for a credit. Tonight is the last meeting night to turn in tickets. Jon will ask Bruce Laroche to organize the returns for the Council.

Election of Officers and Board of Directors: The slate of officers and board of directors was presented and voted on and accepted: President-Jon Putnam, Co-Vice Presidents-Jim Carle and Marilyn Pearson, Treasurer-Carol Sweeney, Secretary-Lisa Day, Board of Directors: Ron Kapraszewski, Ted Rogala, Robert “Rusty” Cushman, and Mike Brown.

Newington Ski Club Ambassador: Mike Brown

Tuckerman’s Ravine NSC: Possibly the weekend of April 22, 2017, contact Jon Putnam for information.

Spring Banquet: NSC 70th Anniversary, Dakotas Restaurant, Rocky Hill, Friday April 28, 2017.6:30 Cocktails, 7:00 Dinner. $30 Members, $35 Guests. Carol has lots of raffle prizes. So far 78 are signed up. Contact Carol Sweeney.

New Business:
NSC new meeting location: Will be at Indian Hill Country Club in the Tavern on the lower level, starting this fall. New location will be cost effective and offers a nice room to meet. NSC members will be able to order food (Cafe Louise provides the food for Indian Hill) and drinks, members may go early if would like to start their dinner before the meeting. The room will be for our club only starting at 7:30pm. Kitchen will be open for food until 9 pm.

Monday Night Racing awards – awards will be distributed at the banquet.

2 new lifetime members are recognized tonight- Paul Blair and Tom Dobruck.

NSC Roster: Dan Petit has made corrections and Jon will create a PDF to send out electronically, he will also have printed copies for those who would like a printed copy. Jon will bring rosters to the banquet, Marilyn Pearson asked if we have any accountants in our club that could work with us. We have been re-instated for our Non-Profit Status, and Marilyn is filing previous year’s tax returns. In the future, a list of duties for the officers will be created to ease the transition and to be sure all is done that needs to be.

Golf Tournament is booked same place as last year, Timberlin Golf Course, Berlin. August 6, 2017

Race in the Park is May 13th, contact Barbra Metzen for a donation or to sign up and walk. We need more participants.

March of Dimes walk/run April 30, 2017 contact Bruce Laroche for donation or to participate.

Club Picnic is scheduled for Wednesday night July 19th at Ron Kapraszewski’s house.

The unofficial Monday night bike rides have started in Farmington. The full biking schedule is complete and available on our website or contact Ron Kapraszewski for details.

John Hunter is planning a ski trip next season to Big Sky, Montana in March 2018. He recommends getting the Max pass if you plan to go to save money. Cost will be about $1500 plus lift tickets. If you get the Max pass before May 2, 2017 the cost of the pass is about $629.The lift tickets for the week are about $429, so it makes sense. Contact John for details.

50/50 Raffle – Ron Kapraszewski won $17.00

Meeting adjourned 8:45pm, bingo to start.
Submitted by: Lisa Day-Co-Secretary     Marilyn Pearson-Co-Secretary