Okemo Bulk Program

 Okemo Bulk Ticket Program 2016-2017

There are big changes in the Okemo bulk ticket program this year that will affect each of your members who purchases Okemo bulk tickets.  Please read this carefully, and make sure every ticket buyer has a copy.

Okemo has converted its voucher system to radio frequency ID lift access cards.  These are direct-to-lift, live tickets.  This means the vouchers will look different, and because they are LIVE TICKETS, users do not have to exchange vouchers at the ticket windows.

Here are the important things for you and you club members to know:

Carry ONLY ONE TICKET in your pocket/wallet/jacket when you ski.  If you carry more than one, ALL of the tickets will be scanned and thereby INVALIDATED when you try to use them another day.  In addition, no other RFID cards from other resorts may be carried concurrently.

All skiers will be scanned at lift entry, and skier ID and photo stored in the scanner.

At the end of the ski day, TEAR UP AND THROW OUT THE USED TICKET.  Provided access cards are single use only and may not be reloaded.

Okemo will continue to accept a 20% return at the end of the season.  HOWEVER; THERE WILL BE A $1 CHARGE FOR EVERY TICKET RETURNED TO OKEMO, EVEN IF YOUR CLUB IS UNDER THE 20% ALLOWABLE.  Every individual must pay its club coordinator $1 per ticket returned.  All fees will be payable to the CSC in one check from each club, at the time of ticket returns in May.    Club checks will be forwarded by the CSC to Okemo along with unused tickets.  Therefore, you must order carefully – DO NOT over-order.  Okemo will let the CSC place additional orders (of 25 or more each time) throughout the season, so you will always be able to purchase tickets at the CSC discount rate.

Tickets have an ID number.  IT IS MANDATORY THAT EACH BULK TICKET COORDINATOR FOR EVERY CLUB RECORD THE ID NUMBER AND THE CLUB MEMBER’S NAME.  If there are any problems or abuses of the program, both Okemo and the CSC can directly trace it back to the club member.  If this is NOT done and there are problems, the entire club’s tickets can be invalidated at the discretion of Okemo.  These tickets CANNOT be used by anyone other than the individual club member.  They cannot be sold, given away to friends, or used as perks in club lodges or private homes.  Tickets are a member-only privilege. 

Credits from the return of last season’s vouchers will be applied to the purchase of this season’s tickets, as always.  You will place your Okemo order just as you have done in the past.  The only difference for the user is that they are LIVE tickets, scanned at lift entry, and that every unused ticket will be charged $1 when all tickets are returned at the end of the season.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Nancy Nolan (203-272-4681) and Ginny Ludwig
CSC Bulk Ticket Committee (Southern Tier)


Note to all Ticket Coordinators

There are three ways this change impacts your ticket procedure:

  • You MUST record the ticket ID number you assign to each individual when you fill their orders with the tickets.  This is for your protection, so that in case of abuse, the individual can be pinpointed.
  • You can return only 20% of your purchase at the end of the season.  You cannot return any tickets beyond that quantity to us.
  • You must collect a $1 fee PER TICKET RETURNED from each individual in May.  Your club must write a check to the CSC for that amount when you turn in your unused tickets.  The CSC will write one check to Okemo for all unused tickets being returned from the CSC to Okemo.

You will remember that there were multiple serious abuses of the ticket program at Okemo last season, and at that time we warned the CSC clubs that Okemo might opt to discontinue this program.  Okemo management expects that this new ticketing system will eliminated the abuse we experienced.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Nancy Nolan and Ginny Ludwig

CSC Bulk Ticket Committee (Southern Tier)